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Why did I became a massage therapist... well, it all started when I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and found how important human touch is for people.  It made a great difference in our resident's life and soon, the staff was asking to be massaged too.  The nurses would love to have their shoulders rubbed to help relieve them from being so sore from charting to crushing the medications with their arms in ergnomically incorrect postitons.  Many times the staff would want their feet rubbed to ease their aches and pains from being on their feet from long hours during the shifts.  After a while everyone would comment of "my natural touch" and I knew I wanted something more for my family, being flexibility hours, home for the  Holidays, so I looked into the classes.  I love the idea of still helping others, but being able to always be learning made me excited.  Through my continuing education as a massage therapist, I have learned that I love helping others find a way out that their pain or that it can be greatly decreased or managed with massage therapy.

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