Shoulders, arm & wrist pains?

Have you felt like your body is not your own anymore? These aches and pains are of someone a lot older? Are you feeling less productive & frustrated? If you answered yes to any of these it might be time to make that massage appointment with Laurel Tree Massage.

Many times with there is loss of Range of motion (ROM) which is due to muscles not doing their job. When this happens other muscles that are meant to be helpers need to take over. Those poor helpers muscles are have their own job to do. They don't want to keep doing others jobs!

It is important to take care of our muscles so our bodies keep working efficiently. Trained massage therapist can correct these imbalances and getting things moving right again.

Shoulder Pain: Martha gets frustrated in her lack of movement in her shoulder. She notices a loss in her range of motion which takes away task she use to do for herself. She is tired from things being achy and sore. Her pains bring tightness into her upper back and neck.

Elbow Pain: Becky notices that her shoulder doesn't move like it use to, but maybe it's that painful. But she feels her pains at her elbow. It's a nagging discomfort that she would describe more as a achy and stiff at times but gets worse when she adds pressure and tried to grab something or shake someone's hand.

Wrist Pain: Daniel's job requires lots of repetitive movements during his day moving a joy stick in a machine. Mary also notices it too from typing at her keyboard. They complain of tingling, weakness and pain varying with numbness in their fingers and hands. They try shaking off these sensations but they just keep getting worse.

Cell Phone Pain: Jill is on her cell phone a lot in a day. She feels discomfort in her shoulders with her arms getting tired and finds her thumbs ache. Some days she has a sore neck and headaches too.

These repetitive movements tire the muscles and put stress on our joints leading the examples above. They are caused from the nerves being compressed in areas of the shoulders, elbows and wrists and swelling occurs.

When they swell they put compression onto the nerves. Massage therapy is great for relieving these conditions 80% of the time.

Massage can relieve these symptoms in your body returning it to its correct movements. Together we can get you to your goal and gain your range of motion back! If you know of anyone with these aches and pains, let them know we can help!

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