The Best Ways to tip your Massage Therapist

Looking for the best compliments to give your massage therapist? Everyone thinks of cash, and let’s be honest, who doesn't love getting some green. BUT... There is other things you can do to show your therapist you appreciate the work they do.

Start sharing your therapist Facebook, Four Square and Twitter. Nothing beats bragging rights: for you and your massage therapist! Social media is a great way to let your friends know about your regular massage and who you go to with a quick easy way to share, so share away! Google places is a great place if you have a Gmail account. (not positive if its still easy to use if you do not have a Google account but if you click the link it’s on the right hand side)

If you don't have social media there are other ways to share. Why not bring massage therapist up at your tea group, golf game, knitting group, or kick boxing class? Everywhere we go we see people we care about and sharing is caring.

If you know of ways your massage therapist can help your friends, why not say "Hey Janice" those stiff shoulders you have... I bet my massage therapist can help you with those!" Let your friends know you care and know someone who can help them with their aches and pains.

This is great for bragging rights, and also helps your therapist as it links their business to your page when you CHECK IN which tags them.

Your friends love to know where you go and who you trust. We are always asking each other for the best Doctors and Dentists! Why not our massage therapist, too?

Write a review; yes, not all of us love to write. Trust me, I know this blogging thing is a great learning curve for me, as I have never had a passion for writing or sharing my thoughts. Although it kinda grows on ya!

There are many places you can leave your thoughts to share with others.

As to what makes a good review, so if you’re not sure what to write (aka type) I can give you some suggestions on where to start.

Let's peak at what you look for when you search for something.

Some people look for the most relaxing massage ever, others look for making a change in their bodies and easing pain.

No matter what you are searching for, most therapist might specialize in one thing, but still offer the basics when asked.

Describe what you experienced, how your session helped you? Were your massage goals hit? What kind of style massage did you get?

The first Ashiatsu massage I ever got was the most AMAZING experience ever! I was in heaven with the depth of the pressure and slipped into the deepest most relaxing experience I never knew existed. I do believe it was the first time I was ever that relaxed in my life!!!!!

If your goal is more of the aspects of I needed pain relief. My shoulder was not moving anymore and I felt stuck in my body. “Describe what you were feeling, then compare it to what you were able to do after your session to explain your improvements”.

Think about why you went, describing the results and telling your story helps other shoppers decide if it's the right fit for them! Share your experiences! People want to know what you think!!!

Of course, I kept the biggest tip (aka the best thing your therapist wants to see)... Hold on to your chair for this one...

We also love to see your improvement, hear how you’re feeling in your body. SO feel free to check in and let us know.

I love receiving emails, calls, texts, or a personal thank you cards checking in to just say how they feel after their massage! The simplest of things make people smile and feel good. Who doesn’t like getting a happy piece of mail now a days, it sure beats getting bills in the mail!

What we therapists love to see the most? To see you feeling better in your body, the ease of movements, the smile on your face, and most of all to see you returning for additional sessions.

Have you felt better after your massage? Keep that momentum going and schedule your next session! Here our link to schedule now!

Just as an end note, if you don’t get what you expect from your session or there is anything that needs to be brought up and addressed, do so with your therapist. No matter how awkward this may seem. Write it in a note or call them on the phone if you feel its too awkward, but it’s best to let them know personally. Give them a chance to know what they did or how they made your feel that you might not have liked. Even if you never want to return, it gives them a chance to grow or change behaviors. Maybe it’s even something about their office, this gives them a chance to improve for the better, even if it’s for the next client.

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