Regular Sessions, What's in it for me?

Regular Massage Sessions, What's in it for me?

Are you wondering why would you want to invest in regular massage sessions?

Although life sometimes gets in the way, if we don't do it as soon as possible we tend to forget. Once that happens the days just slip by. We tend to all be guilty of this, myself included. So I love scheduling mine out a year in advance, if something comes up I share my appointment (my friends/family don’t even mind paying). I know if I can’t find someone, I can always let my therapists know with their advanced notice time and everyone is happy. So these are the best reasons to book ahead to get those perfect times for your schedule and the reasons for those great massages.

  1. Benefits of a regular massage/maintenance

  2. Well, whether you’re in pain or you need massage for stress reduction, regular massages helps our bodies control the changes.

  3. If you want to get the most out of your massages, having another session scheduled at proper intervals helps your body to relax allowing your muscles to keep functioning properly and keeping the changes made in your massage. When the body does not have regular timed sessions the body fatigues under the pressures and is not able to hold its changes from progress that was made.

  4. Pain and Injuries

  5. Want to get out of pain? Regular sessions help your body repair itself, while learning how the muscles are to move for function properly. Structured massages teaches the body to remember and make these adjustments.

  6. Maintenance massage, is great for keeping those sore and achy muscles at bay from our regular activities that give us those nagging pains. From our work, to the extra hard play we do year round, even all that shoveling of all the snow here in the Northeast in the Winters.

  7. It is often better to take care of yourself by having regular massages to prevent injuries by having massage every couple of weeks, than to be calling last minute trying to get that session when you wake up in lots of pain. When you wake up in pain or it comes on suddenly, you call your massage therapist, you could find they are fully booked and then you either have to wait or test the waters with someone new.

  8. Ways to help remind you of an appointment

  9. Regular booked sessions also help you to remember your appointments times. Especially when scheduling that time that works best for your schedule. When you book out a few months at a time, or for the whole year, you are claiming the times that work for your schedule.

  10. Many people also do well with having the same time and day to help them remember their massages (of course we offer reminder emails and you are also able to opt in for text reminders of your sessions to help keeping you from obtaining cancellation or late fees for missing sessions).

  11. Booked out ahead allows if something comes up, you can ask friends to take your spot. Thus making your friend feel special that you care about her or his well being but also that you would share your massage therapist with them.

  12. Another big bonus of regular sessions being booked out ahead is, YOU don't fall off the massage therapists books! We all know when we go home we have the best of intentions to book that next appointment.

As with many kinds of appointments each massage builds on the previous session. It’s like building a brick wall. Each session builds on the next. A great way to look at this is your appointment is as was said earlier, building blocks, building one into the next. Create a good foundation of improvement and all the other sessions thereafter build on the next to help you continuing in improvements.

Same idea as your chiropractor just one visit a year is not going to keep you in perfect alignment. Yes, you may function but not at your optimum health.

Keep an eye on future blogs on ways to save if you’re on a budget.

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