New Product!!!

New Product!

Have you even been asked to try a new product and your first thought IS... I already really like what I already use, so, no thanks!

This was my experience thru the years. Someone first introduces me to a product, and I think its got to be good. Then as years pass I might find something I love and then never see it again.

In my years as a massage therapist we are given lots of products to sample. From massage cream, lotions, oils, gels and many kinds of anagelistics. Usually I say no and walk on, as like anyone else that is always being marketed to it gets old after a while.

This time when approached during the World Massage Festival. I was attending it in New Jersey this summer and I was asked if I had ever tried Cryoderm. My first thought was nah no thanks, I use Biofreeze, have for years on my clients and they like it.

I had started to use RockSauce and have high thoughts of that product, that I did not need another to add to my collection of products.

So knowing my teacher would be using it in his class I decided to take the samples and carried on my way as my friend made her purchases at the booth. When we got back to the room I was complaining of a nerve pain in my back from sitting awkward in the seat of my friends car on the ride down.

She suggested this would be a great time to try out the product she even thinks highly of. Begrudgingly I pulled it out of the “sample” bag of goodies, one out of many venders and slapped some on my hands ( really hate trying new products as many of my clients know I break out from many products) and put some on my back.

In little than 5 minutes (for me anyway) if not less, the pain went from dull to completely away! I was amazed! I would have gone down right then to place my order, but the vendors meet was closed till the next day.

So the next morning I applied their heating gel with capsicin in it to make sure I was not going to have an allergic reaction to that in class and headed out of the room to head to my first class. After sitting through the lecture part of that class, I headed over to the vendors hall to make my purchase! I ordered all their products, not just for myself but for my clients too! Yes, I like this product so much and have faith you will too that I gave away the rest of the Biofreeze and retiring Prossage heat too! Yes, you heard me right, I retired all the products I use to use in the office. This Cryoderm product line is amazing!

Cryoderm heat, the product feels perfect to me. They do have a disclaimer that it can be too warm or hot for some people so its best to test it first where it has capsaicin in it. If its too warm for you, its best to wash it off with luke warm water and soap or, even lay a soapy wash clothe if your skin is super sensitive.

My skin is sensitive but it did not bother it. Beware though, to not to take a hot shower with it on though as it can be reactive for 12 hours. This is a great benefit but can be a little shocking if applied to the lower back and water washing it lower ;-) if you know what I mean.

The Cryoderm cooling gel is a nice cool sensation that goes away after about 5 min with the pain and feels like it creeps in from time to time with the cooling sensation but lasts for hours. My pain did not return for me that day where it was from a long car ride.

For massage therapist they also carry a myofascial cream that is amazing and only need such a small amount for use. For massage therapist their products are amazing to work with for the perfect glide in deep work or MFR.

Since I loved this product so much we will be carrying heat and cooling sprays and gels in the office for the same price as Biofreeze! When we try new products we love we just have to share them with our clients… Keep an eye out for our blog post to be introduced to other products we love and use in our office!

Here is little about the cooling and heating gel for ingredients and what they are good for:

Cryoderm: Pain Relieving Cold Therapy Gel

Vanishing scent with natural soothing menthol, essential oils (I am allergic to many essential oils and am okay with these) and natural extracts. Product is Paraben, propylene glycol free, aspirin free, NSAIS free, Silicon Dioxide free, and gluten free.

Fast Deep penetrating pain relief for: muscle strains, joint pain, backaches, arthritis, sprained ligaments and bruises.

Cryoderm Heat: Pain Relieving Warming Roll On

Menthol, Camphor and Capsicin with essential oils and natural extracts

Paraben free, propylene glycol free, aspirin free, NSAID free, silicon dioxide free and gluten free.

Provides deep penetrating pain relief for: Muscle strains, joint pain, back ache, arthritis, sprained ligaments and bruises.

* Cyroderm has done so well, we have just ordered three cases in hopes to keep in stock at all times for you!

#Cryodermproducts #painreleiving

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