Relaxing Tips for the Holidays

Looking for some small ways to sit back and enjoy the approaching holidays?

We have some suggestions for you! Sometimes this time of year things get hectic and so busy with plans we forget to take care of ourselves. Here are a few things I have found helpful over the years.

I love to sit down with a nice warm blanket and a cup of tea ( coffee or wine if you prefer) and crawl up with a good book or Christmas show. Time to give the brain a rest and let the heart and emotions take over, this provides a great release of tension in itself. Us girls love a good cry every once in a while. Have a good book feel free to share it in the comments as I know I am always looking for the next good read.

Another task that can be relaxing due to its rhythmic motions if knitting or crocheting. Or maybe sewing is more your style. Wood working for others. Having a task that requires you attention but not overworking the thought process, which allows your thoughts to drift off can be wonderful to relaxation.

Not into the projects? How about throwing on your favorite show and heat up some warm water for a foot soak. Melt some epsom salt, throw in a little scent of lavender maybe and give yourself a foot bath. Looking for something a little fancier... in our house we have used rocks that we have warmed up or even marbles to fill the bottom of your basin. This is wonderful for rolling your feel back and forth working the muscles and tissues. Feels great!

Call a friend or write a letter the old fashion way. These lost arts in the day and age where we use our texting, emails and such is just not the same as sitting down and hearing someones voice or seeing their handwriting. Holding a paper that the person whom wrote it knowing you have that connection. A simple written note lets someone feel the time you are taking for them. I know I love getting cards/letters with a few kind words in them.

Next up! Some may find this a dirty word, others know its benefits. Workouts, yes get moving. Take a walk, go to some yoga classes. Any form of moving will get those endorphins moving and helps bring out the feel good hormones. There is some great local places to take a walk and Skowhegan has some great walking paths as do many other towns. Connect with your local Main Street or Community Page to find where yours are located. Even take the kids, grandkids or fido along for company.

And of course there is always massage! We are always waiting to help you relax or change the way your body feels with helping you to improve the movement. We have an easy link below to help you get to the warm relaxing massage table.

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